My journey on the path of healing started back in 2003 in South America, when I learned Shiatsu while living in Brazil. Moving to Chile, I continued expanding and became a massage therapist for a few years, until I encountered my ultimate passion: Chinese Medicine.

After concluding my Chinese Medicine studies in Chile, I decided to follow my heart and dive into a great adventure; China!

For 9 years I lived in Tianjin- China and had the great opportunity to learn about the language, culture and Chinese Medicine from the very source. This experience changed my life, on a personal, spiritual and professional level.

Sabrina graduation taospace

After concluding different courses and a Bachelor’s Degree of Chinese Medicine in Tianjin, I followed my heart once again and moved to Canada to start a new life. Since then, I became licensed in Ontario and opened Tao Space. Through service and healing, I manifest my dream and life’s purpose: to offer contribution through my gift and passion, that will benefit others and also benefit myself.

I continue to study and improve my skills as a practitioner, learning and practicing this amazing form of Medicine. I love what I do, and my mantra is: The heart at the service of the source and the mind at the service of the heart!

You can learn more about Sabrina in her gallery page.

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